• Tim Rasmussen

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Tim Rasmussen


About Me

Halloween, 1951, was my day of birth. My mother sketched, drew and painted. I would watch her and be amazed at what would appear on her sketchpad or canvas. I was always intrigued with her talent and artwork. That curiosity followed me through my own journey of self expression. From drawing, watercolors, pottery, ceramics, photography, framing and most recently acrylics. Please view my works in the online gallery. Currently, I am co-director of the Stephen Baumbach Gallery in Palm Springs. We have a different show every month. Please visit that website to view current exhibitions:


About my Art

Besides photography, and matting and framing, I discovered a passion for painting with acrylics. I use a pouring technique that has so many variables. I also use brushes and other implements to apply paint to canvas. That being said, I really enjoy the free flow process and outcome. You can view my works, again, in the online gallery.

My personal goal when I started all of this was to provide unique, affordable and one of a kind pieces of art. That art could take the form of mat cutting and frame choice, digitally enhanced photography or acrylic paints on canvas, board or wood panels.